Fastmount / pre-scored Fastmount

Permanent bonding for distortion-free display


Over time, photographic paper can distort within a frame causing a rippling effect. This is due to the atmospheric conditions and the fact that paper expands and contracts with changes in these conditions. In order to prevent this from happening, every photograph we frame is permanently bonded to fastmount, a self-adhesive 1.5mm thick board.

This board is also available for self-assembly in two forms. It can either be supplied to the same size as the chosen frame such as 20x20 where by the customer needs to centralize the photograph in the correct place according to the apertures of the mount, or as pre-scored fastmount.

Pre-scored fastmount uses the same computerised mount cutters, which accurately cut all of our mounts, to score through the release paper of the fastmount, giving you perfect positioning for the photographs particularly useful for multi-aperture mounts. You then simply need to peel back the release paper for each “aperture”, position the photographs in turn and when complete, peel back the remaining release paper and bring the whole board together with the mount for a perfect fit.

The adhesive on fastmount is pressure activated and therefore a roller, which can be supplied, is recommended to activate the adhesive. Simply use the rubber roller to move over the photographs once they are in place to give a permanent bond.