Reach for the Stars

Last year, Ultimat released their stunning new Astral collection; a jaw dropping collection of aluminium wall products that add a real wow factor to today’s sleek and minimalist interiors. The panels are just 1.5mm thick but feature a 25mm deep aluminium subframe so that the panels sit proud from the wall.  Unlike many other aluminium products, the image is transferred in a pressurised heat process, turning the dyes into gas and permanently dyeing the aluminium panel – resulting in an ultra gloss panel with outstanding vibrancy, contrast and detail.

Item Pictured (click to enlarge)


Wall Astral

12x10" "24x20"
12x12" 24x24"
16x12" 30x20"
16x16" 30x30"
20x16" 36x24"
20x20" 37x12"
24x12" 40x30"

Desk Astral

5x5" 10x8"
8x6" 12x5"

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