Art Blocs

Accept No Imitations

There are many photo blocks available in the market, but only one Art Bloc. We insist on having the very best quality and the Art Bloc is no exception. Most photo blocks are merely MDF with the edges painted  the Art Bloc is most certainly a lot more than that. Constructed from honeycombed MDF, making larger sizes manageable, the Art Bloc features not just laminated black sides, but even the back is laminated to give a much higher level of presentation.

Chrome keyhole hanging fixtures are set into each Art Bloc on the reverse to keep this minimalist presentation perfectly flat against the wall. Photographs are laminated with a light textured film, to protect and preserve, and bonded edge to edge to the Art Bloc. Each is supplied in a protective presentation box.

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16x16 and 12x12 with Silver Iridium Gloss

Notes and Tips

Please note that Iridium finish is only available on sizes up to 12x12". Art Blocs require files to be supplied 0.25" larger than the product size. (EG. 12¼" x 12¼" for a 12" x 12" Art Bloc.


12x12" 24x16"
16x12" 24x24"
16x16" 30x20"
20x16" 30x30"
20x20" 37x12"
24x12" 40x30"

Also available as Desk Blocs

5x5" 10x8"
8x6" 12x5"

Available in groups:

Group 1 Group 5
Group 2 Group 6
Group 3 Group 7
Group 4 Group 8

Please see the Group Combinations section for further details of our group offers.


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Art Bloc

Art Bloc