Grande Cubix

Bold, Simple and Stylish

Grande Cubix is the largest from our highly successful Cubix ranges. As one of the deepest mouldings, Grande Cubix really is a feature frame offering unrivalled wow factor! As well as having high impact, the range also features one of the most spectacular mounts from any range. Utilising a hand wrapped deep fillet, the mount mirrors the depth of the frame for added impact and style. The Cubix ranges are supported by a desk top size to ensure that all needs are catered for.

Item Pictured (click to enlarge)

24x20" Grande Cubix Black code 16

Notes and Tips

Grande Cubix frames whilst bold, can also be used very effectively on smaller sizes without mounts, allowing the image to fill the glass space for great impact. Where a multi-aperture template is selected an additional undermount will be included and the fillet will run around the group.

Mount Style

Mount Templates

All templates available for this
range, but single apertures are
recommended as the fillet is
wide and cannot follow around
each aperture in multi-aperture
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