Standard Wrap

The emphasis on our standard canvases is value for money. They match the printing and stretching process of our premium Gallery Wrap canvases but are produced on a lighter, non-archival canvas. Similarly they are constructed with an over-laminate rather than the museum grade varnish used in the premium range. The result is a canvas high on print quality and excellent in value.

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30x30 Standard Wrap


When ordering a Standard Wrap, please specify whether you would like the image wrapped, or whether you prefer a black, white or coloured side.

For this canvas presentation if you wish for the image to wrap around, please add 2 inches all around for your sizing - e.g. for a 24x24 canvas, supply a file which is 28x28. Otherwise please specify a black, white or coloured side.

Standard Wrap sizes

10x8" 24x16"
12x10" 24x20"
12x12" 24x24"
16x12" 30x20"
18x12" 30x24"
16x16" 30x30"
20x16" 40x20"
20x20" 40x30"

Bespoke sizes available.