Gallery Wrap

The Gallery Canvas is the most minimalist of all our canvases. Wrapped around our deep 45mm bar, it sits proudly from the wall and benefits from a three dimensional effect as the image is allowed to wrap around the edges.

Item Pictured (click to enlarge)

30x30 Gallery Wrap


When ordering a Gallery Wrap, please specify whether you would like the image wrapped, or whether you prefer a black, white or coloured side. For the wrapped image option, please add 2" all around - eg : for a 24"x24" canvas, supply a file which is 28"x28".

Gallery Wrap sizes

10x8" 24x16"
12x10" 24x20"
12x12" 24x24"
16x12" 30x20"
18x12" 30x24"
16x16" 30x30"
20x16" 40x20"
20x20" 40x30"

Bespoke sizes available.