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  • RollerUsed in conjunction with fastmount to bond photographs permanently. Available in 4 and 8 inches.
  • Backing TapeThe highest quality frame backing tape giving a professional and lasting finish. Available in 38mm widths for desk frames and 75mm widths for wall frames.
  • Conservation TapePH neutral tape for hinging photographs to mounts when permanent bond process is not desirable. Also used to create a hinged mount. Available in 25mm and 38mm widths.
  • Cling WrapHigh strength cling wrap which has many uses including keeping the protective corners on frames. Needs to be used with the industrial cling wrap handle.
  • ATG GunRequired for using ATG tapes.
  • ATG Tape12mm double sided tape available in Permanent for high grab bond or Repositional which allows for a degree of repositioning dependant upon the substrate. Applied using an ATG Gun the tape is rolled onto paper and board and allows for instant assembly.