Service Levels

Throughout our product ranges, we offer three service levels to accommodate every customer requirement. Each product has symbols clearly displayed in the margin, indicating which service level is available for that specific product type.

Self-assemblySelf-assembly. Products are supplied ready for the customer to assemble their own photographs into the product. Accessories are available to help achieve a professional finish, such as pre-scored fastmount, backing tapes.

Self-assembly plusSelf-assembly plus. As per level 1, products that display this symbol are available for customers to self-assemble, but these products are considered slightly more involved in doing so. This may be due to the complexity of the product or the method of assembly.

In-House assemblyIn-House assembly. Photographs are supplied by the customer, cut to the correct size and ready for assembly. Products will be supplied back to the customer completed and ready to hand over to the client. Please see the technical information at the back of the brochure for information about supplying prints.

In-House print and assemblyIn-House print and assembly. As per level 2, products are supplied back to the customer ready to hand over to the client. Printing is processed on Canon printers using genuine Canon inks, and output profiles are available for download from our website as well as by email. We offer free test prints for new users of this service.

Please note that whilst our products are in ranges such as Cubix, Argento, etc, the mounts and frames within all of the ranges are interchangeable subject to the rebate depth of the frame. You can find a table of availability within the templates section for further guidance.