Which Products?

Ultimat offers a vast range of frame finishes and contemporary products to suit all tastes and types of photography. However, at no point would we recommend a photographer to offer the whole range - this can only lead to confusion for the customer and ultimately this could result in lost sales.

A better strategy would be to offer a core range of products which have been tried and tested. This may encompass 3-4 ranges to which you should then look to include a couple of additional ranges which reflect your style or ranges which allow high spending clients to maximise their purchasing requirements. Finally minimalist ranges should be considered which give you a USP (unique selling point) for that wow factor. These may be art blocs, acrylics or canvases all which will put your photographic offering above that of the competition.

An important point - don't just go for products that you like and similarly don't discard every product you don't like. If everyone had the same taste, we would only need one product! Every client will be different and whilst it is easy to be more passionate about selling products that you like and enjoy, you should be careful not to pigeon-hole every client into the same presentation. Part of the fun for them is selecting their products from a range.

How do I get samples?

Firstly, we would recommend a visit to our showroom in Wokingham, Berkshire where you will be able to see the full range of products we offer. Just contact the sales office to make an appointment and you will get our undivided attention in helping you make the right decisions. Once you have decided on your range, we will offer you a discounted price for your studio samples which will vary upon your choices and the amount of samples you require. We can also assist with chevron samples of all of our frames and mounts, particularly important for mobile photographers.