Frame and mount sizes

Frame Sizes

All of the frame sizes listed on the website and in the brochure refer to the size of the actual glass within the frame. In other words it does not take account of the actual width of the moulding as this would result in an infinite number of sizes which would create confusion. If you require frames to fit a specifc area please contact the sales team as you will need to work from an outer frame size rather the glass size.

Mount Sizes

The apertures within mounts are cut to fit a specific standard photographic size which will, as standard, overlap the photograph by 1/8" all around to prevent the photo from falling through. Therefore mount sizes will illustrate the total overall outer size and the size of photographs that are suitable for the template. They will NOT refer to the actual aperture size which will be marginally smaller for the reason above.

Canvas Frame Sizes

For framed canvases, the sizes listed refer to that of the canvas component and do not include the width of the frame